Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ruby Tuesday catering?
We provide quick, simple ways to order and pick up, or receive delivery from our catering menu. From entrées with side items, to appetizer platters, to our famous Fresh Garden Bar and gourmet cookies, we have dozens of items to create the perfect catered combination.

How do I order?
Orders can be placed through Catering Services at 866-460-2283 or through our online system:

How do I place my order?
You may always place your order online at or contact Catering Services at 866-460-2283.
Our Catering Services Representatives are available:
Monday - Thursday: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM ET
Friday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM ET
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 2:00PM - 8:00PM ET

Wait, you deliver?
Yes, we deliver to most areas. If you have a question about delivery to a specific area, please call Catering Services at 866-460-2283 and we will confirm whether we can deliver.

How late can I place my order?
We request 24-hour notice to guarantee delivery. However, we can accept pick-up orders for the same day with ample preparation time.

I have ordered before, but not online. How do I do that?
Simply go to!

I entered my email address, but I haven't received my temporary password. What do I do?
This temporary password will come from If this password isn't in your inbox or any additional spam folders, then please contact catering services at 866.460.2283 in order to obtain your password.

Is there a minimum catering order cost for delivery?
We request a minimum order of $100 for delivery.

Do you have gratuity and/or delivery fees?
We apply a 10% packaging and delivery fee on all delivered catering orders. We can deliver up to 30 miles from Ruby Tuesday. Gratuity is not automatically added and is at your discretion.

Is there a minimum catering order for pick-up?
No. There is no minimum for orders picked up at the restaurant.

How do I pay for my order?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. We pre-authorize your card when you place your order online or over the telephone, but the charge will not process until the day your order is fulfilled. For pick-up orders, you can pay at the restaurant.

What is a pre-authorization?
We apply an authorization to your card when the order is placed, which shows as a pending charge on your account. This allows us to secure payment the day your order is fulfilled.

Why is the amount on my card different from the amount on my invoice?
We pre-authorize for an additional 20% above the order amount. This is standard for restaurants to account for additional gratuity or additional food.

How do I receive a copy of my receipt?
Please contact Catering Services at 866-460-2283 or log in to your online account.

I am not receiving email confirmations for my orders. How do I get them?
Check your online account to confirm your email address on file is correct. You may also ask your IT administrator to add as a contact to your email address book. If your concern is still not resolved, please call Catering Services at 866-460-2283 for assistance.

How do you ensure the restaurant receives my order?
Once we confirm your order, it is immediately transmitted to the restaurant for implementation. You will receive an email confirming your order the same time the restaurant receives it. On the day of the order, a second email reminder is sent to the restaurant and we confirm that they are prepared.

What is your cancellation policy?
Ruby Tuesday understands that plans can change and we will gladly assist in making changes to your catering order pick-up/delivery date and time. We accept cancellations prior to 8:00 PM the day before a weekday pick-up/delivery or 6:00 PM Friday for a weekend pick-up/delivery. Ruby Tuesday reserves the right to charge your credit card or house account for any food prepared when the order is cancelled, if it's cancelled on the same day the order is to be picked up or delivered.

If I pick up my order, do I pay for it at the restaurant?
Yes, you may. However, if you placed your catering order online or over the telephone with one of our Catering Services Representatives, your payment may have been captured at that time. If your payment was made online or over the telephone, you will not have to pay for it at the restaurant.

If I have my order delivered, may I include a tip for the driver?
If you would like to provide the driver with a gratuity you may do so when placing your order online or through one of our Catering Services Representatives.

What if I want to pay with a check or cash for my order?
You may pay with cash or check with approval, as long as payment can be collected at the time of delivery.

Can I be billed instead of charging my credit card for each order?
If you would like to be billed, you may contact Catering Services at 866-460-2283 to set up a House Account.

Can I keep a credit card on file?
Yes. Our site is 100% secure and we can store your account information if you need it for future orders.

I want to order from your regular menu, can I do that?
Yes. You may order from our regular menu. Please note that menu items and pricing vary by location.

What can you provide for people with food allergies?
Several options on our menu can be made to-order to support dietary restrictions. Please reference our Allergen-Sensitivity Menu Guide located on our website,, which provides menu options based on information obtained from our food suppliers. We encourage you to use these menu options as a tool to help you make dining choices and not to the exclusion of professional medical advice tailored to specific needs. We will work closely with the restaurant to ensure preparation is handled properly. If you have any questions, please contact Catering Services to help plan a meal suitable for your guests.

Do you have any kosher options?
We do not currently offer kosher options.

My company is tax exempt, how do I remove that deduction from my order?
If you are ordering on behalf of a tax exempt entity, Ruby Tuesday will need a copy of the exemption certificate to keep on file. Please call Catering Services at 866-460-2283 for the fax number to send the certificate to or email to

Do napkins, plates and utensils come with my order?
Yes. We supply everything you need: plates, utensils, and serving utensils. We also provide complimentary ice and cups when drinks are ordered.

Do you provide chafing dishes or warmers to keep the food hot?
No. We do not provide warmers, but will be happy to set the food in them if we deliver your order.

I have an order for a very large group of people (150 or more). Can you help me with that?
We certainly can! Please email us at or call at 866-460-2283 and we will be glad to help you.

How do I obtain a copy of your catering menu?
You may access our catering menu through our website,; select LOCATIONS and search for the Ruby Tuesday of your choice by city and state, or zip code. Then, select the Catering Menu icon (where applicable). Or you may email or call 866-460-2283 and we will gladly fax or email one to you.

What size of order can I place?
You can order for any size party for pick up. We can deliver any size orders as long as the subtotal exceeds $100.

How do I find nutional information?

A full list of caloric information is available upon request.